Assisting those impacted by criminal justice since 1995

  • Serves over 19,000 family members and returning citizens the day of prison release.
  • Distributes over 36,000 copies of literature.
  • Answers 1200 phone requests for help.
  • Offers conferences and trainings in Texas communities throughout the state as requested by churches and civic organizations.
  • Mails informational support letters to over 2000 family members who are struggling with the loss of a loved one to incarceration.
  • Needs your support to continue.

RJMN of Texas Helpline 1-800-998-3004

  • Has logged over 20,000 phone calls from those in need.
  • Encourages and offers guidance during stressful moments.
  • Links the caller to area resources.
  • Promotes and increases opportunities for local support and successful reentry.
Restorative Justice Ministries Network of Texas