Front Door Ministry

Front Door Ministry

Front Door Ministry

Front Door Ministry is an innovative approach to increase support for family members impacted by the criminal justice system.

In cooperation with Texas Department of Criminal Justice Chaplaincy Department, Front Door Ministry is RJMN’s approach to connecting the local church and community organizations to family members at the beginning of a loved one’s incarceration.

Studies have shown that 70% of children with an incarcerated parent will themselves be incarcerated or caught up in the legal system by the age of 17.

We at RJMN Texas believe that love, accountability, guidance and hope from the local church and positive community efforts can and will reduce generational incarceration rates.


Each day RJMN Texas receives written request from newly incarcerated individuals asking support and encouragement for their loved ones. These requests are forwarded to us through TDCJ Chaplaincy Department.

RJMN Texas then sends an informative letter to family members. We hope each will reach out to obtain services and support while enduring their loved one’s incarceration.

Simultaneously RJMN Texas can forward family contact information to local churches. Thus, an opportunity to contact each hurting family and offer the support they need.

RJMN Texas

RJMN Texas

The beginning of incarceration is a most critical phase of life not only for the new head of household, but for each hurt and confused child or teenager involved. It is a time of despair and uncertainty. There is a need for someone to walk along side of those newly imparted by incarceration, to offer spiritual support, hope and encouragement.

Please contact us to discuss ways you can partner with RJMN Texas in this amazing endeavor.

Your church or organization can be the breakthrough and lighthouse in the eyes and heart of those in need.

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