What is the Network?

The Restorative Justice Ministries Network (RJMN) of Texas is a Christ-centered, inter-denominational ministry. RJMN is dedicated to reforming the judicial and penal systems, supporting and mentoring victims of crime, families of victims and the incarcerated, and assisting their return to society as responsible and productive citizens.


The purpose of the RJMN is to inform and educate the church, government, community, media, and the public about the strategies and principles of smart justice; that is, justice which discourages future crime & rehabilitates offenders. We will endeavor to encourage, equip and motivate leaders to integrate restorative justice into our retributive justice system and school discipline systems.


  1. Inform by using the RJMN web site, social media and other electronic mediums as well as restorative justice conferences.
  2. Educate by providing restorative justice materials and resource personnel to churches, civic organizations and individuals to help them establish their own restorative justice ministries.
  3. Equip individuals to establish restorative justice ministries and advocate processes that heal.
  4. Encourage criminal justice professionals to incorporate restorative practices into their work; assist victims of crime experience healing for their pain; and help offenders and their families adjust to a changed life.
  5. Motivate individuals and groups within our communities to implement restorative justice practices.